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ATV Muddox


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2011 Mudd-Ox for Sale - Tracks, Windshield, Top, Brushguard, and Heater

For sale is a 2011 Mudd-Ox 8x8 amphibious atv. It's equipped with a 45 horsepowe...

4 minutes : 24 seconds
6x6 AATV Racing Highlights Fall 2012

Highlights from 6x6 amphibious atv racing at Pine Lake in Ashtabula, Ohio this f...

15 minutes : 49 seconds
2013 Mudd-Ox 40hp Kohler Gas Overview

An overview of the 2013 Mudd-Ox with a 40hp Kohler gas engine! We take a look at...

8 minutes : 41 seconds
Attex 1000 Series Bigfoot As Purshased

A quick little walkaround of an ultra rare Attex 1000 Bigfoot! This is the only ...

1 minutes : 6 seconds
Mudd-Ox Attacks Badlands Offroad Park

Highlights from a fun weekend at the Badlands Offroad Park! The Mudd-Ox dominate...

4 minutes : 55 seconds
Amphibious Mudd-Ox in Action and Close Up!!! HD

An action-packed video of the revolutionary Mudd-Ox 8x8 amphibious atv! This vid...

4 minutes : 51 seconds
Mudd-Ox Innovation Demo

The new innovative Mudd-Ox! It's the first vehicle in Rigs of Rods to properly s...

1 minutes : 43 seconds
Argo 6x6 with new steering transmission

I shot this video to show how easy the new Admiral transmission steers in the ne...

3 minutes : 54 seconds
Mudbugs Water Test

Water testing 26x12x12 Maxis Mudbug tires. Swims slow, but it still swims. It wo...

6 minutes : 41 seconds
The Revolutionary Mudd Ox: A Genuine ALL-Terrain Machine

A quick look over the Mudd Ox ATV - we drive them right into the lake! We cruise...

3 minutes : 10 seconds

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