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ATV Hydrotraxx


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Quad Stunt All Terrain Vehicle Amphibious Drift

Drift demo of BigFoot 6x6 All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Amphibious Quad. More at Atv...

1 minutes : 35 seconds
Amphibious Six Wheelers at Busco Beach held it's semi-annual ride at Busco Beach in Goldsboro, NC the week...

9 minutes : 48 seconds
1970 amphicat

1970 amphicat kingston ontario canada

1 minutes : 42 seconds
Amphibious ATVs attack Busco Beach members met at Busco Beach in Goldsboro, NC for a weekend of trail ...

4 minutes : 2 seconds
ZIL amphibious PEU-1R jet assist 6x6.wmv

This is probably the ultimate offroad vehicle. Made by Russion company ZIL in 19...

15 seconds
Close-up of Redneck Royalty Buggy For Sale

Redneck Royalty Buggy test drive in Labelle, FL. See more pictures and videos at...

28 seconds
M520 GOER 4x4 Truck

The M520 GOER was an 8-Ton cargo carrier, an all-terrain, all-weather amphibious...

50 seconds
Hydratrek Capabilities WMV

2 minutes : 15 seconds
jet amphi on water

Swift through the water, in a river, in the stream. Jet amphi will take you to t...

3 minutes : 42 seconds
Amphibious Tricycle III

Our supervisor trialing the amphibious trike on the River Itchen, coming in for ...

24 seconds

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